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Τρίτη Μεσοῦντος/ Τρισκαιδεκάτη/ Τρίτη ἐπὶ δέκα, XIII day
From today’s sunset: thirteenth day of Mounychion.

(Kronos devouring a horse, Rhea seated near Him. Christie’s, London, Catalogue des pierres graves antiques de S.A. le Prince Stanislas Poniatowski ([1830?]-1833), 5, Cornelian)

Kronos devouring an ass more like.

Rhea is like “Er..?”

I’m sorry honey

for not cooking you delicious food

now you ate a horse



i took a video of my sims woohooing in the hot tub with the nude mosaic removed and now i can’t stop laughing

damn that’s some good ass sex right there

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